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Apnnaghar is the leading property management service provider company in Bangalore. If you are a home owner or a tenant then, Apnnaghar is the right partner for you. We are a startup that design to provide a hassle free rental experience to owners and tenants. We have mastered this art by constantly innovating and improving our services since 2016.

Apnnaghar's value proposition:

  • Provide flats owners a complete solution in handling all issues in renting out a flat. We take care of all logistics.
  • Make it extremely easy for prospective tenants to find the right flat for their needs

For owners, we offer:

  • Assured rent
  • A complete solution for rental property.
  • Strong tenant screening

For tenants, we offer:

  • Multiple option in your location
  • Fair pricing and agreement terms
  • Quality living

How are we known as the leading property management service in Bangalore?

We provide a peaceful agreement with the landlords. All the process is initially made legal to avoid any hustles. With our loyalty and past achievements, our contract had always been appreciable. Our cooperation with you doesn't require any broker or third party assistance to go through the deal. We manage the property and maintain it in the way it was handed over. A bonus factor is that our potential agent ensures to explain the processes thoroughly to you. All these factors influence whether or not to choose our business. Our experience in handling the properties will keep you tension free and avail all benefits.

Apnnaghar values the properties as leading property management service in Bangalore

Apnnaghar values the properties as leading property management service in Bangalore Owing to the spurt in demand, we are providing dedicated services to Non-Resident Indians interested in giving their property on rent. As the service provider, we help NRIs make an assessment of the properties, judge its worth and help make informed decisions with your property. Depending upon the client's request property, we keep a tab on every demand of the client as well as help them in availing finance whileassisting in completing legal formalities about the lease of the property.

Apart from the property management, our company is providing property maintenance services to the Property Connect Bangalore. These services are highly beneficial for NRIs who have property in India or who wish to assist their parents and loved ones in taking care of their residential or commercial property.

Most popular services covered under property maintenance are the giving your property to dealers like us. As a property management consultant, we are helping our clients by letting out your property on our as we one of the best property management services in Bangalore. We even assist you in retaining the profits without your direct involvement with anyone. Non-Resident Indians can take any help of us to get their property taken over properly with long-term assurance.

Other services coming under property maintenance portfolio include whitewashing, plumbing, carpentry and electrician jobs, gardening, pest control, etc. We will take care of your home in all the ways.

Work Scenario Of Apnnaghar As the leading Property Management Companies In Bangalore

Due to the boom in the property sector, various non-resident Indians are taking an interest in property investment with hope for settling back to their native country in the future. There are a few people who wish to make a property for profit by selling or giving it on rent or lease. We as a property agent are always there to assist our Non-Resident of India clients with Bangalore property management for NRIs

We take the property from you as per contractual demand and take care of your houses like our own. Our team of legal advisors always welcomes landlords or tenant in clearing out the legal matters to make smooth agreements.

Apnnaghar helps to reduce the clutter with any type of an issue like the bill, rents, maintenance. We declare ourselves as a right partner for you to start up leverages technologies and to provide a hassle-free experience to both the parties.

Service Assurance for our valuable clients

1. Assured money: With no delays, we give decided cash to the landlord.

2. Property maintenance: Routine inspection ensures the support of the property being carried out. Records with photographs are kept for reference.

3. Bill payments: With the everyday usage and expenditure in the household such as electricity bills, the water bill is ensuring cleared on a priority basis.

4.Token advance: Landlords are provided with the token money as the deal is finalized.

5. Background verification: We are liable for all the verifications required.

6. Professionally managed: Deals and processes are managed professionally.

7. End to End experience: From the start of deal with landlords we take all responsibility to handle and provide the benefits to the landlords.